Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A few cool Guitarists/Musicians

John Butler

Dallas Green (City and Colour)

John Mayer

Some of my favorite, talented musicians. Would like to know if anyone knows more similar to these!?
Enjoy :)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011



Anyone out there play?

This is the game's website

It's basically a two-feature game.

-Lego simulator online (as it's nicknamed, the 'creative' free mode).

Lego simulator is basically building with various blocks.
Survival mode however puts you into a fantasy medieval world in which you're a miner and you need to survive. You mine, fight skeletons, zombies, slime monsters and such all while keeping yourself alive by killing animals for food, building houses, castles or whatever you want.

The game is still in development. It's an indy game too..

It is a fun game to play when I have spare time! I think more people should get into it. There is a small cost of $10 so why not give it a go today!

Sunday, February 13, 2011


Just thought I would share some of the Wallpapers I have on my computer!

Enjoy :>

Saturday, February 12, 2011


What is HoN you ask?

Heroes of Newerth, or more commonly known as HoN, is a 5v5 format game in which every player controls a hero. Both teams are based at opposite sides of a map. The map is split into three continuous 'lanes', running from one base to the other. Defensive towers are positioned evenly through each lane, until the lanes terminate at a team's base. Bases are strongly defended with extra defensive towers, and buildings from which units spawn. These units, termed 'creeps' are spawned every thirty seconds, and run along their lane until they meet opposition - which they then attack. Victory is achieved when one of the teams manages to push into the base of the opposing team, and destroys their primary structure; the Hellbourne's 'Sacrificial Shrine', or the Legion's 'Tree of Life'. At any point after fifteen minutes has expired a team can choose to concede defeat - this loses them the game and requires a unanimous team vote to pass.

I have been, playing HoN for 1 year now. It has taken me this long to feel that I have a proper understanding of the game. Most players it seems moved on from Dota, a Warcraft 3 mod, which gave them an advantage the general noobs such as myself when the game was released.  I have tried Dota since then, but I find HoN a much smoother, and nicer looking game. I play HoN in my spare time with a few mates, which I find is the best way to play.

If you would like to Add me for a game my ingame name is Adv3nt.


Friday, February 11, 2011

My Top 10 Post Hardcore Bands Of 2010

These are my top 10 Post Hardcore/ Hardcore albums of 2010 \m/

10. Underoath - Disambiguation
9. Before their eyes - Untouchable
8. Miss May I - Monument
7. In Fear And Faith - Imperial
6. Woe is me - Number[s]
5. Escape the fate - Self titled album
4. Peirce the veil - Selfish Machines Deluxe Edition
3. A Day to Remember - What Separates Me from You
2. Asking Alexandria - Stand Up And Scream
1. Bring Me The Horizon - There Is A Hell Believe Me I've Seen It, There Is A Heaven Let's Keep It A Secret

I thought BMTH had the best album in this genre of music in 2010. Simply because of the fact that I can listen to the whole album and enjoy every song! I also find the more I listen to it the more I like it. Underoath was a big disappointment this year with the departure of Aarron Gillespie. Tt changed the whole dynamics of the band, making it feel like just another screamo band. With all in between, I really enjoyed Asking Alexandria's album as well being a new band on the scene. "If Bring Me The Horizon, The Devil Wears Prada and Enter Shikari all slept together the result would be Asking Alexandria!".

That's all for now,